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Call Centres & Digital Outsourcing Solutions

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Outsourcing of Sales

One of the main outsourcing activity of our organization is related to outbound sales campaigns. For more than 4 years now, we are working with the biggest companies various business sectors on the Bulgarian market. ​

We have specialized team engaged with our sales and trading campaigns which is highly experienced in dealing with clients remotely. Many of our specialists are foreign language speaking – English, Spanish, German, Russian – which gives the opportunity of our clients to expand their trading horizon to different international markets.

Trusting us will give u better results, higher targets realization and expanded working volume at reduced operative costs. We believe that good partnerships can build up long-term successful business models.

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Outsourcing of CRM

Getting and managing a CRM system can be expensive and difficult. That is why Unicom Technology can provide its clients with CRM solutions based on the “software as a service” principle.

Our CRM solutions can help you to improve the relationship between your business personnel and your clients. Integrating our CRM services will give you the ability to maintain professional customer service. In addition, your employees will be able to do more work and expand your business through the real-time optimization of your activities which our CRM gives you.

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Outsourcing of Back Office activities

Despite the fact that in many cases the back office personnel is not client-facing, it is still one of the crucial parts of any business organization.

Unicom Technology can provide you with digitalized back-office services and professional personnel that will support your front-office employees in their business functions and work with clients. Lower your costs while increasing the volume of functions of your back-office and thus, of your front-office. Our portfolio is vast – accounting, planning, logistics, supply chain management (SCM) etc. – and we can match your needs.

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Outsourcing of Customer / Market research

Building up a successful business does not only require a good equipment, talent or financing. It requires good knowledge in your product/service and why people buy it.

The customer / market research will give you better insight on the business sector which you compete in and your market share in it. It will also predict the future of these same variables and the probable growth rate of your market sector. Trusting our specialists and our proven strategies and methods in the customer/market research outsourcing will bring you the precise data for your business. Our researches are carefully conducted in order to bring the most effective and efficient results. Save time and effort, trust us!

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Campaign management

Outsourcing of all types of campaigns – marketing, sales, research etc.

We will assign a specific campaign manager for the type of campaign you require. We make the whole planning and execution for you in order to meet the goals you need. Daily, weekly and monthly reports are being conducted on the basis of the results shown by the campaign. Our campaign management methods are specially set up in accordance to the needs and demands of our clients and their specific campaign.

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Virtual store administration

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Chatbots and Virtual assistant